"Teaching is the fun part of the job!"


Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Philosophy

Knowledge, Reality, Self (an Introductory course)

Ethical Traditions and Contemporary Life

Oppression and Liberation: Philosophical Perspectives

Philosophy of Woman/Feminist Theory

Social and Political Philosophy

Seminar: Simone de Beauvoir: Philosopher, Writer, Social Activist

Critical Thinking

Feminist Epistemologies (cross listed for Graduate credit)

Race, Class, Gender (Honors, Peace and Justice)

Feminist Theory

Ethics of War

Mass Media Ethics

Environmental Ethics

Senior seminar on Human Rights

Philosophy of Food

Catholic Social Thought

Graduate Courses

Global Feminism

Embodied Epistemologies (team taught)

Social Contract Theory

Simone de Beauvoir

Classic Texts in Philosophy and Theology (team taught)

Marxist Feminism

Language, Ethics, and Social Change (team taught)

Feminist Theory


Feminist appropriations of Hegel (directed reading)

Sovereignty: (Rousseau, Hegel, Beauvoir (directed reading)



Undergraduate and Master Thesis supervision/direction; Doctoral dissertation direction and supervision.